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Car Rental Audi Q7

Audi Q7 is a luxurious automobile manufactured by Audi. It is a mid-sized crossover SUV, which is larger than Q5, It is a five door premium car manufactured for luxury as well as comfort. Now Days Audi Q7 is also used for car rental service in India. This vehicle is especially preferred by many for the comfort factor along with its performance.

This SUV has comfortable interiors along with stylish exteriors. The major plus is that the interiors exude simplicity, yet offer great comfort. The controls are easy to operate and one does not feel that they are handling aircraft controls. The seats are comfortable. The overall interiors are soothing to look at. Since the height of the car is decent, one gets sufficient headroom along with adequate leg space. The temperature control system works well for the interior environment which ensures that the outside climate does not pose a threat to the passengers. It may not look like a typical SUV; however, the overall appearance is contemporary. The tailgate lights and LED lights help in distinguishing this vehicle from other SUVs.

Audi Q7 is an SUV that offers uncompromising attributes because of which it can compete with other vehicles when it comes to class features.

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  • GPS
  • Air conditioning
  • Audio System
  • Capacity : 4
  • Max Luguage : 4
  • Category : SUV Premium